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Six Awesome Trademarks of a Personal Trainer

At Ora Sports Fitness we have a variety of Personal Trainers whom all specialise in different area’s including but not limited to Kickboxing, Strength & Conditioning, TRX, Weight loss and Group Classes. However, sometimes its hard to know what makes a good Personal Trainer or what even to look for so here it is the Top 6 Awesome Trademarks of a Personal Trainer so you can make an informed decision.
1.They’re Qualified-
Making sure that you have a Personal Trainer who is fully Qualified and is experienced in the industry is an important part in making sure that you have an enjoyable experience at the gym. Being qualified doesn’t only mean having the right qualifications but also being able to help you train safely and specialise programmes for your needs.
2.They Listen-
To become an awesome personal trainer it is important to make sure that you actively listen to the clients, trainers should constantly check in with the clients during a workout to help gauge if the intensity is right and see how they are copping. They should also try and listen to the clients opinion on different exercises in each workout to help them provide programmes that the clients will enjoy.
3. They Customise-
Good fitness instructors will always endeavour to tailor their plan to suit the ability of the clients whom they are working with, they need to be able to work around the clients injuries and have a plan B. Being a successful personal trainer means being able to recognise every client’s individual needs and designing a workout that will challenge them in all the right ways.
4. They’re Approachable-
For Personal Trainers to be successful they need to be Approachable, it is important that personal trainers are friendly and welcoming so that clients can feel comfortable talking to you and asking them questions. Great PTs always establish a relationship with their clients, they establish expectations and write and rewrite goals to help the client achieve better results.
5. They’re Professional-
Being Professional is an essential part of all businesses including personal training. Professionalism in the personal training industry means good communication, being late to training or even worse not showing up at all is a huge red flag.- a simple text message to let people know of a location or time change could mean the difference between losing a client and keeping them. Another important part of bringing professional PT is Respect. As a trainer you can’t expect your clients to respect you and for you to from a healthy relationship between them and your -self unless you treat them with respect. This means providing ten with all the correct equipment, checking how they are going and providing them with a suitable workout programme, as well as encouraging and motivating them to the best of your ability throughout the workouts.
6. They Care-
Over all the most important thing that makes awesome personal trainers stand out form the rest is that they care. Good Personal trainers are invested in their clients; they get exited about helping them achieve there goals and have the same sense of reward as the client when they achieve it. They care about improving the services as a fitness professional and they care about their business and making sure that their offering sorting worth paying for.

So know that you know what the 6 great trademarks of a Personal Trainer is come down to 222 Belmont Avenue, Belmont WA 6104 (BIG GREEN BUILDING) & start you 6- 8- 14 week program with one of Ora’s Personal Trainers