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15 Signs That You Are Born to Work in a Fitness Industry

Do you always go to the gym and wonder if your naturally born to work in the fitness industry or possess qualities that make you born to work in a fitness industry. Well I have gathered 15 signs that guarantees your a born fitness junkie.
1) Skipping leg day is forbidden
2) You know the secrete to looking sexy is not all abut working out but having a healthy diet
3) Working out is why you wake up in the morning
4) You feel naked without your Fitbit
5) You refer to ordinary days as ‘leg day’ and ‘arm day’
6) You can work up a sweat without any equipment
7) You prefer to get around by running, riding or jogging
8) Your toilet is filled with health and fitness magazines
9) You have nightmares about working a 9-5 office job
10) You have a happy and glowing energy that surrounds you
11) Helping people achieve their goals is a goal for you
12) Your wardrobe is filled with fitness gear and clothing
13) Your fridge is your second wife, especially after ‘meal prep day’
14) Your sanctuary is the gym
15) You live, eat and breathe the fitness world
If you tick for majority or all signs, what are you doing still reading this, quit your job and find a career pathway in the fitness industry. It’s clear that your a born health and fitness junkie that has a strong passion, maybe personal training is the way to go? I will leave this decision with you…

So with plenty to choose from what are you waiting for? get down today 222 Belmont Avenue, Belmont WA 6104 (BIG GREEN BUILDING)