Muay Thai Classes at Ora

Muay Thai Classes for Adults (13 & up)

Classes have been designed for all fitness levels and past experience. Our coach Shane Vuletich trains everyone from beginners to fighters. All in the same class, everyone shows respect and it's a massive community feel. All contracts are 4 weeks paid notice to cancel. **prices under general pricing page

Boxing Ring. Cage. Boxing Bags. 

Please note: During all class times the black mats & boxing bags cannot be used unless you and the trainer agree to a shared area or space. Once classes are over you can use the boxing ring, foam black mats and boxing bags no problem at all! 


Muay Thai Classes for Kids

Classes have been designed to encourage kids to come out of their shell develop self-confidence, self-awareness and the ability to speak up. We use the principles of a structured Muay Thai class with key anti-bullying components to achieve the above. All contracts are 4 weeks paid notice to cancel.