Ora 24/7 Pricing & Services

24/7 Gym Access Only $13.80 per week

Picture this, Ora 24/7 Gym in Belmont has three designated areas tailored specifically for Legs, Back, & Chest workouts, ensuring you have the perfect space to target and sculpt every muscle group.

Plus, we've got not one, but two Functional Areas, a CrossFit zone, and all the Strongman gear you could dream of. And let's not forget about our powerlifting platforms, cage, boxing ring with top-notch bags to unleash your inner fighter!

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Ora Kickboxing for Fitness

Home of the Australian WBC Muay Thai WA Lightweight Champion find out why we produce the best. With the champions in the business as coaches Malcolm Kani & Shane Vuletich your in great hands.

Classes are arranged for all fitness and skill levels.

4 x 1 hours classes per week $55. Online sign up link below hours x2 classes per week $38. Online sign up link below

Please note there is a 4 week paid notice period on all membership cancellations. Min. 12 week sign up. ***Does NOT include the GYM

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Personal Training – 14 Week Packages

Meet our superstar Personal Trainers: Shane, Robbie, and Braydon. With their guidance, your workouts will be fun, intense, and oh-so-rewarding!

Our Personal Training sessions are tailored around commitment, dedication, and accountability, ensuring you get the results you crave. Plus, your training is personalized to YOU!

Prices start from just $80 for 45 minutes, with options for sessions 2-3 times a week. Fast-track your progress and have a blast doing it with Ora 24/7 Gym Belmont Personal Training. Let's crush those goals together!

Kid’s classes – $35 a week for x2 classes

Kids classes are for ages 5 -11. Classes are on Monday and Wednesday only.

Get your kids involved if they need to let off some energy, learn self-defense, gain confidence or just want to feel apart of a community. With a heart especially for kids, an anti-bullying vision, we have had some amazing feedback from parents as a result of these classes.

Please note: During all class times the black foam mats & boxing bags cannot be used unless you and the trainer agree to a shared area or space.

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Weekly check-Ins & programming $50 per week

Ready to take your confidence and motivation to the next level? Our program is tailor-made for you!

Here's how it works: Each week, you'll weigh in and get a thorough review of your training program. Plus, every two weeks (or weekly if you prefer), we'll take skinfold measurements to track your progress.

This isn't just any program – it's the perfect recipe for staying on track, staying focused, and smashing your goals. Let's turn those dreams into reality together!

Group Fitness Classes $45 a week only

All classes being Sweat & Burn, Booty Shape & Burn including Full body Blitz

Each week will be a new program run by experienced Personal Trainer Braydon. Each class runs for 45 minutes and you can do as many classes as you want! **Excludes Muay Thai classes & the Gym**

Please note: During all class times the black foam mats & boxing bags cannot be used unless you and the trainer agree to a shared area or space.

Unlimited Classes

8 Week Challenge

Get started with our Group Classes through the 8 week challenge

8 Week Challenge Details

All classes listed "8 Week Challenge Included Sweat & Burn Box Fit and Group Fitness ones. Join Our 8-Week Fitness Challenge in January 2024 🔥

Does not include the gym.

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Sauna Time - It's time to sweat!

🌡️ Infrared heat promotes deep relaxation and stress relief.

💪 Boosts metabolism, aiding in weight management.

🌸 Detoxifies, leaving you with radiant, glowing skin.

🛌 Improves sleep quality, ensuring you wake up refreshed.

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That's not all we offer...

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

The Australian Health and Fitness Federation is a partner of Ora 24/7 in which our students use our gym to train up future Personal Trainers.

Combination cost special Ora 24/7 price is $3500

Specialised Training & Semi-Private PT Sessions

We offer specialised Personal Training in Muay Thai & Fight Preparation with Shane Vuletich starting at $100 per hour

Semi-Private PT's. Maximum of 3 participants.