Commonly Asked Questions & Renting Space

Commonly Asked Questions: 

1. Is there a lock-in contract?

No lock in contracts, just 4 weeks paid notice to cancel your membership – for details refer back to your contract sent to you the day you signed up. During this 4 week cancellation period you can still use the gym. All cancellation MUST be done via email (refer back to your copy of the contract that you received the day you signed up or call during staffed hours). Do not text this is not a notification of cancellation as stated in all conditions If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours during business time then call or re send the email, this is your responsibility. We provide all customers at time of sign up with the email on your contract you sign. Refer back to this or call during staffed hours ONLY.

We are very transparent and everything is explained at time of sign up. We are of course happy to help any step of the way during operation hours, we only ask you respect this and know texts are not a form of cancellation. Email only. Thank you for your understanding and appreciation.

2. What are the main gym rules?

  • Respect the gym equipment, respect other gym members, and respect the gym rules
  • DO NOT LET NON-MEMBERS INTO THE GYM – It will result in immediate termination and a fine to be paid by you as well as the person you let in will be charged $50. This is our home and our livelihoods – respect this.
  • Do not drop the weights, dumbbells, barbells. We have bumper plates and lifting platforms for Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting & more.

3. Minimum Age?

18 usually is minimum age however, talk to Malcolm as for the gym we do allow under 18’s to attend with parental consent. We believe in encouraging everyone to train.

4. Casual Passes?

Just in for the day then our Casual Pass is $20.00 per session or $25 for Muay Thai sessions. Must be pre-booked.

5. Staffed hours for non members

Refer to the “Contact Us Page” for opening hours. We will be as flexible as we can so you can join us here.

If you need an appointment after hours we can 100% make ourselves available if needed, please just ask us!

6. Rent Space from Ora 24/7 & open yourself up for great potential & growth. Our Personal Trainers are independent business owners and work under the Ora 24/7 brand.

Our prices are the following current as January 2023:

  • Less than 5 clients $150 a week minimum 6 month term
  • More than 5 clients $250 a week minimum 6 month term
  • Studio can be rented out as well for $50 an hour outside class time minimum 6 month term

7. Creche facilities?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer creche facilities or Mums and Bubs classes. Unfortunately, due to the open layout of the gym kids are not to be brought into the facility.

8. Can I bring friends or family into the gym?

No, you can not enter Ora 24/7 gym unless you are a current member. You will need to gain permission from the Owner to bring outside people into the gym. You can not show them around or train. This will result in immediate cancellation and a fine being paid – No exceptions.

9. Can I use the boxing bags or boxing ring?

Yes however, classes and Personal Training clients have first preference for the space. All Group Fitness and Thai Boxing classes listed on the timetable have first option to use the black mat space including the bags. You will need to ask the coach or Personal Trainer what space (if any) you can use. Please respect this. Outside of that you can use it along with other members.

10. Do you do free trials?

No, we do not unfortunately although we are happy to give you a tour, ask any questions you have or you can purchase a day pass for $20! If you choose to sign up the same day we will take $20 off your access card price. *** Only available if you sign up on the same day.