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7 Of The Best Free Fitness Apps

Are you struggling to stay Motivated, and sick of starting over again! Well all your problems are solved. With these 7 free fitness apps you will be on your way to getting the results your after with out any of the hassle of being alone with the ability to monitor every rep,every stretch and every bite right from your pocket, keeping you on track toward achieving your fitness goals.

Nike+ Running-
Are you keen for the cardio. Nike+Running allows you to map your route, track your distance, pace and time, and compare your results with other runners. This free app even lets you smash out the Ks whilst pumping your favourite beats to keep you in the zone.

7 Minute Workout Challenge-
This app is ideal for those of you out there who complain that they have “No time to exercise”. The 7 minute workout challenge features 12 easy exercises with a range of difficulties. It is easy and effective, crank it up to maximum intensity and you’ll be seeing the results in no time at all.

Another one for the Anaerobic Army. Runkeeper is a GPS tracker, but with it’s minimal design being one of it’s best features alongside spottily connectivity, easy results tracking and the ability to design your own routs and fitness challenges, Runkeeper is a good fitness app for anyone who is looking to improve their fitness and challenge themselves.

It seems that we have found the perfect workout for anyone. Sworkit is self proclaimed to be ‘the Perfect fitness app for anyone’. Start by choosing one for the four categories (strength, cardio, yoga, stretching) set your limits and get to work. It also gives the ability for custom workout and includes demo videos and verbal cues. It like having a personal trainer in your pocket!

My Fitness Pal-
Are you nutty about nutrition, if so My Fitness Pal is perfect for you. My Fitness Pal is bang on the money when it comes to keeping your eating habits in check, their data base covers more than 5 million foods so no matter so no matter how exotic plan or funky your food it their bound to have the info. If your fitness goal is to shed a few Kilos, keeping a food journal can double your weight loss, making this the perfect app for you
Whether your into the heaviest of Rock or the Hardest of Hip Hop or even some up beat Pop, Spotify will be able to cater to everyone’s taste. You might be thinking ‘hold up now how is Spotify a health and fitness app’, well you see young sir/madam Spotify’s customised running playlist is based on your running tempo so you can keep moving with every beat, making sick gains while listening to some sick beats. The more you use it, the more the music is tailored to your taste to give you an even better experience.
Apple Heath-
For those of you who own iPhones this is another great option. The new apple health app is a great starting point for those who want to monitor their movements. It takes data from any other health and fitness apps you use to display an easy-to-read chart of your steps, weight and heart rate.

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