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Welcome to Ora 24/7 Gym – where the energy never stops and the fun never ends! Get ready to experience the ultimate fitness playground in Belmont! Our massive 1400sqm facility is packed with everything you need for an epic workout adventure.

Step into our fully equipped commercial 24/7 gym and prepare to be blown away! We've got x9 Squat Racks, x2 dedicated lifting platforms, Pendulum Squat, Belt squat, Rehabilitation Machines, x2 Smith Machines, and that's just the beginning! Our CrossFit Rig is larger than life, we have a selection of kettlebells, we have a cage & boxing ring, as well as plyometric boxes, Tyres, and more, Our facility will take your workout to the next level!

But wait, there's more! We're not just about the equipment – it's our electric atmosphere and top-notch instructors that set us apart. Say goodbye to boring workouts and hello to a community that's all about respect, loyalty, and support. At Ora, we're not just a gym – we're a family where everyone comes to unleash their inner champion!

Our approach is holistic, blending physical, emotional, and intellectual elements to help you crush your goals. Need a little extra support? Our onsite Ora Health Hub has you covered with pre/post training essentials and expert guidance every step of the way. Join us in redefining what it means to be a 24/7 gym. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, Ora is the place to be for serious results and serious fun. Let's make waves together – see you at Ora 24/7 Gym in Belmont


Our Key Services

Personal Training

Need Accountability?
Need Support?
Now is the time to engage a Personal Trainer.

Thaiboxing for Fitness

All fitness levels welcome in our classes. Whether your plan is to learn skills, meet new people, or fight

What Else We Offer

-Kids Classes
- Group Fitness Classes
- Multiple Pieces of Equipment
- NO WAIT Times
- Spacious, clean Gym

Recovery Options

-Infrared Sauna
- on-site physiotherapist
- on-site chiropractor
- on-site massage therapist
- on-site dermatherapist


Belong to a Gym that is welcoming, client focused & home




(Please note our gym is open 24/7 for active members. We are not staffed 24/7 - Refer to the "Contact Us" Page or sign up online)