Why diet is as important as fitness

Studies have proven that fitness will not be the significant drive when it comes to losing weight and showing results. So for this dieting becomes important if you are wanting to achieve your goals.
To be fit you must have the right fuel source to create energy for your body to burn. If we are slacking and eating a constant bad diet our bodies will lack the energies and nutrients it needs. The only way to get this source is through the right foods. Exercise doesn’t just create the body shape you have. Some of the strongest benefits to exercise are the results we can’t see.

Both exercise and dieting help create the mind body benefits. If we are to eat well and train smart goals are faster to achieve. (Nutritionist Sophie Guidolin.)

As said before frequent studies are showing that healthy food intake is the most important part to achieve our fitness goals. Diets will consist of the main food groups. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats. When we first begin to exercise we are burning the carbs we have consumed. However if we are not to exercise and continually eat heavy loads of carbs, fats and proteins. There’s an increase chance of putting on weight as we aren’t burning those energy sources and they stay in our bodies.

This is why dieting and fitness are just as important as they compliment each other.