Starting your fitness journey

When starting your fitness journey there are many factors that you should keep in mind. Some of these are shown below in the guide to start your fitness journey.

  • Step 1 – Pre-contemplation
  • Step 2 – Contemplation
  • Step 3 – preparation
  • Step 4 – Action
  • Step 5 – Maintenance

Though these five steps you can find your best possible way to start your fitness journey. The first step, or Pre-contemplation, is a thought about getting fit or wanting to be in better shape for a specific event or time. This step is often a very broad outline that may or may not turn into a more specific goal or thought. The second step, or contemplation, is very similar to the first step but where the original thought or vision has magnified to become a goal or much stronger more recurring thought that focuses around a set idea, such as losing weight or bulking up. The third step in the start to your fitness journey is the perpetration before taking action. This step is one that involves looking into the areas, such as gyms or fitness clubs, which you can join to achieve the goals and thoughts that you were getting in the steps prior to this.

The fourth step in the start to your fitness journey is to go out and actively start your fitness journey, weather this is to sign up at a gym or to join a fitness the club the options are endless. After you have signed up to your chosen group you then will start to act on your goals and thoughts and start to embody them as a part of your day to day basis. The final step to starting your fitness journey is the part of maintenance. This is often the most boring part of the journey and usually takes the most time to complete. In this step we continue to act on our goals and as they change and evolve our actions.