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4 Careers in Fitness and Health That Doesn’t Involve a Gym

Train those who are fighting on the front line

Have you ever felt the need or obligation to serve your country, or just want a different atmosphere and experience as a personal trainer, well go no further the army could be the perfect fit for you. Now more than ever the army offers a huge range of career pathways and one of the many is personal training. As a qualified personal trainer you have the opportunity to become the ultimate badass motherfucker, training those who fight on the front line. This will include adapting to the army lifestyle such as early mornings, change in diet and daily routines which you will complete and much more. Now the real question is, are you up for the challenge?

Gold Digger

Ever wanted to work in the mines but not do all the hard, tiring labour, well being a qualified personal trainer is a step in the right direction. If your looking to be surrounded by the manliness of men and evolve into one of the those manliness of men your in the right place. With the mines offering a job role in personal training you can still stay shredded while training them gold diggers. With living conditions being compromised to some extent you will be expected to work as a FIFO (fly in and fly out), although with the change of atmosphere and lifestyle, this can leave you with a positive buzzing vibe, just what you need before training a group of underground savages.

All hands on Deck

If you’re a personal trainer and always wanted to travel the world get ready to pack your bags. If your a qualified personal trainer you can apply to be cruise ship fitness instructor/ personal trainer. Some of the daily duties will include:
• Must be knowledgeable of all fitness offerings at the spa and hold current certifications
• Must have a recognised National Certification in personal training
• The Fitness Instructor is required to coach a variety classes and supervise the gymnasium
• Offers personal training programs to guests
• Handles complaints in a polite and professional manner and resolves situations in favour of guests complete satisfaction
• Must have at least 6 months work experience in the field of fitness and personal training and much more.
Even though it may seem like a lot of duties it’s not more than a what normal personal trainer would have to manage, and for the price of traveling the world and getting paid, you can’t complain. You could almost say this is a dream job!

Be Your Own Boss

Don’t want to be bossed around or hate being told what to do, well you can become your own boss. After completing your basic requirements to become a personal trainer (Certificate III and IV in personal training and fitness). You can become self-employed meaning you have the ability to work from home or become mobile. This makes you a versatile personal trainer, offering more opportunities a trainer in gaining personal clients and expanding a self employed business. Plus you get to work your own hours, make up how long your breaks are and take as many ‘sick days’ as you want.

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