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The Fitness Industry THEN and NOW

Personal training and the fitness industry have seen many changes within the past 10 years. With there being more gyms across the nation, offering 24/7 access for its members and constant new trends its obvious how times have changed.
It was during the 1990’s that people experienced one of the most popular exercise tools; the step. The step was used in group training sessions, combining a leg workout with a cardio workout as it included; step ups, downs and even over. Personal Training in the 90’s was seen more in the form of workout videos, record tapes and group programs recorded on the TV as one on one personal training wasn’t as big as it is now.
The 2000’s was when everything changed! There was more variety in workouts and programs, such as kickboxing, cycling, bootcamp, you name it! The trend to be fit, have that summer body and to be healthy and more in shape saw a massive rise. More people joined gyms, started exercising, eating healthier and getting into a regular routine.
Now, in the 2000’s, weight lifting training to increase strength and not just toning has become a workout that not just men do, but that women can also do too. Unlike in the 90’s, where women weren’t seen doing weight lifting as it wasn’t “accepted” or seen as normal for them to do so, there are now more women involved in strength training.
With the constant development of new technology, there is now more access to things online such as; training programs, healthy eating plans, online gym memberships and even mobile apps revolved around fitness. More and more people are now wearing “fit-bits” to keep track of how many steps they have taken, embracing the advancement in technology and the variety of new gadgets.
There are also more courses available for people to be able to become a personal trainer, not to mention the change in gyms such as; TV’s, music and a wide range of new and improved equipment.
The Fitness Industry has seen a massive change within the past 10 years, and will only keep seeing new changes and advancements.

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