Sometimes life gets busy…

Life can get extremely busy & I know too well that you health can take a toll if you do not look after yourself! I am notorious for taking on too much & coming up with lots of ideas 💡 all at once with short deadlines!

At the time of writing this blog post I was preparing for an audit, exploring other business opportunities, managing staff, organising fundraising events & trying to expand our course scope & marketing reach all at the same time! Everything in life definitely needs to be prioritised but sometimes even I forget to take a moment.

I didn’t leave work until just after 9:30 those nights and came how to work until about 5 am the next morning when I realised that I’m 😴, 🤕 & didn’t even have time to eat my proper meals! Even when life gets busy here are some key 🔑 points to remember (learnt from experience)

Make time for you (mine is training 60 minutes all to myself well realistically 45 minutes)
Make time to eat 6 small meals a day
Sleep even if it’s a little less than usual

& most important just breathe or have a cry 😭 sometimes a release is all you need! Your a strong & determined person – you can do it

Yours in Fitness Sam – business owner – university student & a person who is learning through the mistakes