Why taking a timeout can improve your happiness

How does stress and other mental health issues affect our lives and happiness? And how can we combat it to make our lives easier, more productive and happier in this report this is what I aim to explain and provide information on. The idea that I will be focusing on is that taking time out or a break can help elevate stress and help with our happiness, and even help with our work in the future. Mental health is a big problem in society today, it is a problem that affects lots of people.

Stress, anxiety and depression are just a few of the mental health issues that many people experience in day to day life. So how do we help  people with their mental health, the way that I will be explaining is for people to take a time out. What I mean by time out could be anything, it could be time away from technology, from your gym or even your work. What taking a time out does is it gives you time to get things that are stressing you out in order such as an assignment from school or a project at work, once you have worked out what the stress was coming from you can work to overcome it which will lead to your improved

Some of the other positives that come with taking a break are Improved Focus, Better Productivity and Better Relationships (there are many more).

A time out can help improve your focus as it can help clear your mind meaning you will probably have less flying though it at the time meaning you might find it easier to concentrate on the task at hand. it’s common to think that if you work harder, you will be able to get more done. This may be true, however having a break can actually prompt greater productivity. Having a long break or a small break and feeling refreshed gives you the energy and excitement to go back to work, refuelled and driven to get the work done to the best of your ability. Giving yourself a break from work or social media can help re-establish your relationships face to face.

Taking time off so that you can spend it with your friends, family and loved ones can help you to refocus on the people around you. These are just some of the positives of taking a time out, these positives can help us keep happy and improve our wellbeing. The issue of mental health is a serious issue that should be treated carefully, you should always check if the people around you are in a good place and let them know that you are there for them. And as seen in the information in the report taking a break from stuff can help with stress and other mental health issues while also helping you reconnect with yourself and family leading to your happiness.

Written By: Mark Cogger.