The Ultimate Stress Management Guide

Stress is a common occurrence in people’s lives. Stress is the build-up of pressure where one begins to feel emotionally distraught with  tension. Everyone has different ways in dealing with it. People tend to feel stressed when they have so much to do in such little
time, which is where they begin to feel the build-up of pressure. Stress is the way in which a person’s body chooses to deal with difficult challenges faced. Stress can never be truly eradicated but instead must be dealt with or handled by the individual. Finding what causes the stress is the first step to getting your stress under your control and it can be very complicated. For example it may not be your actual work that causes stress but it might be procrastination about the work you’ve been given.

Things like exercise, writing in journals, and talking to friends are a few things that can help to relieve stress, but it’s different for everyone so you need to find the best way to destress yourself.

One way of dealing with stress is to exercise. It is also very important when wanting to stay fit and healthy. Giving up free time out of your day for a workout can help reduce the levels of stress you are feeling from your work, health, finances, or relationships. We don’t realise
it but our bodies release hormones in our system called adrenaline and cortisol which invoke the stress response. By making daily workout routines or by getting regular workouts from a personal trainer or going to a group fitness session we can encourage endorphins in our systems to be released and this helps combat the effects caused by stress hormones. It is best for everyone to do some form of exercise, it doesn’t have to be much, you could just go for a 10 min walk.

Another way of releasing stress is to use a journal or diary to write about the emotions you feel. For example, if you’re feeling stressed, write down what is causing you to feel this way. This is a way of expressing your emotions in text form. If sharing your emotions with others makes you feel uncomfortable this is something that you can use to let your emotions out. If talking about your emotions to your friends and others makes you feel more comfortable, than try organising time to catch up with your friends or family. For example, ask to go for a coffee or go for a picnic, in an environment where you can just relax. You can ask each other questions and help each other with different solutions to help you feel less stressed.

When talking to friends you usually have laughs and giggles, which is a way of forgetting and taking the stress off your shoulders. There are so many ways in which you can destress yourself. Everyone has different ways to control the stress that works best for them, but if you are ever needing help try remembering the four A’s. Avoid, Alter, Adapt and Accept. By following this simple rule, we can first try avoiding what is causing the stress. If there is no way of avoiding the cause, then alter what causes the stress by communicating about your emotions and
compromising to find other ways to do something. If none of these work then try adapting to the cause and look at it from a different, more positive perspective. If the first three haven’t worked than all we can do is accept it as it is because it is something we probably can’t change, for instance a very serious illness. Normally most stress can be avoided, altered, and adapted to but the most important is that we accept what’s causing the stress.

Author: Ethan Glassborow