Unveiling the Arsenal: Your Comprehensive Guide to Every Machine at Ora 24/7 Gym in Belmont, WA!

There are not the only machines we have but you’ll get to see that we are extremely well equipped and the biggest 24/7 gym in Belmont


  • x9 Squat Rack
  • x2 Smith Machine
  • Sissy Squat
  • Belt Squat
  • Pendulum Squat
  • Hack Squat
  • x3 Leg Presses (45 and 90 degree)
  • x2 Leg Extension’s (pin loaded and unilateral plate loaded)
  • x4 Leg Curl’s (seated pin loaded, lying pin loaded, standing plate loaded and unilateral lying plate loaded)
  • Reverse hyper extension
  • Back extension
  • x2 GHD’s
  • Plate loaded Glute Machine
  • Squat/Lunge Machine
  • Knee’s over Toes Slat Board
  • Bulgarian Squat Support
  • Abduction and Adduction pin loaded machine
  • Nordic Hamstring Bench
  • x3 Standing Calf raise (pin and plate loaded)
  • x2 Seated Calf raise
  • Tibialis machine

& more….. Come down to 96 Belmont Avenue to see us.


  • x4 Lateral Pulldowns (x3 pinloaded and x1 plate loaded unilateral)
  • x2 Low Row pin loaded machine
  • x2 T-Bar Row (plate loaded and chest supported T-Bar row
  • x1 Unilateral plate loaded Row
  • Jammer
  • Rear Delt Machine
  • Bicep curl machine
  • Preacher bench
  • Assisted chin-up machine
  • Chin-up machines
  • Bars to be used on cable machines for back exercise variations

& more….. There are so many pieces of equipment to list


  • Pin Loaded Pectoral Fly
  • x3 Cable stacks
  • x2 Chest Press (unilateral plate loaded and pin loaded)
  • Converging flat bench and incline bench
  • Loads of Olympic benches (Decline, Flat and Incline)

x3 racks of dumbbells, x2 racks of barbells, x2 platforms, sand bags, kettlebells, plyometric boxes and loads more!!!