Quickpay – Fee Collection

QuickPay collects fee’s on behalf of Ora 24/7 Gym, Belmont.

Good Afternoon Sam,

We are sending you this email as a reminder of PayChoice’s policy regarding the dishonour fees.

All members with all of our clients are entitled to a dishonour fee in case their payment fails on the 1st attempt. This occurs when the payment fails, the bank charges us a fee for the member’s failed payment, and as these are our fees, we recoup the funds from the member whose payment has failed.

With that being said, the dishonour fee is $8.80, charged to all members holding a bank account or card that dishonoured.

Kindly ensure all your members are aware that we are legally allowed to charge the member a dishonour fee when their payment fails for any reason.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
QuickPay Team – 1300 659 537