Pregnancy & Fitness

The biggest Lies You Have Been Told About Pregnancy and Fitness

Being pregnant and giving birth are both mentally and physically stressful.  Having a reasonable level of fitness will help you manage your changing body shape as well as the stress and demands of pregnancy, including, birth and early parenting. Weight gain is part of pregnancy, you are going to put on weight even if you are watching what you eat its just apart of growing a tiny little human inside of you. During pregnancy you are eating for two, so it is important to keep healthy and to do some exercise. Too many mums are told lies about fitness during their pregnancy. Yes some exercises you cannot or rather should avoid during pregnancy but it is not impossible to do some sort of exercise.

Here are some lies about fitness during pregnancy and telling you why theses are lies

PREGNANCY The biggest lies you have been told about pregnancy and fitness. Lies about fitness during pregnancy:

Its good to do core exercises, whilst pregnant – In the first trimester its okay to do light core workouts but by the time you hit your second, it is proven not too.

Exercises decrease weight of your child at birth – Exercise is beneficial for you and your baby during pregnancy.

Exercising in the first trimester can cause a miscarriage – During the first trimester you just have to be careful of what exercise you do but there are some mums who have been involved in fitness their whole life who have no problems when exercising – it’s really dependent on your fitness level prior to falling pregnant

Working out can make your baby overheat – Working out wont raise your body Temperature to a dangerous level to harm the baby.

If I never exercised before pregnancy now is not the time to start -There is never a time not to start a fitness program but you do have to be more careful once you fall pregnant

Any sign of pain, is from exercising – Not all pain is caused from exercising there are significant changes going on within your body and the pain may be from different area’s

Fitness during pregnancy can make you get injured easier – If exercises are preformed correctly there should be no greater risk injuries just because you are pregnant.

Never get your heart rate over 150 during pregnancy – There is no ‘one’ target heat rate, everyone women is different – just listen to your body and work to your limits

Always double check with your doctor before beginning any program! Check out our Mums and Bubs Classes