Lower Back Injuries

About Lower Back Injuries:

Lower back pain is a common problem in many ages. The pain most often comes from muscles, ligaments and joints.

Causes of Lower Back Injuries:

Lower back pain can be caused by injury, inflammation, tension, spasm or muscle imbalance. If you have injured your lower back theses are some symptoms you may have:

  • Difficulty moving that can be severe enough to prevent walking or standing.
  • Pain that also moves around to the groin, butt or upper thigh (doesn’t go pass the knee)
  • Pain that tends to be achy and dull
  • Muscle spasms, which can be severe
  • Soreness when touched


Staying active plays an important role in management and prevention of back problems. Remember, your back is designed to move.

Posture – Having poor posture will increase your chances with any back pain and in some places may course spinal injury. This goes for; sitting, standing, and driving.

Who to see when you have a Back Injury:

  • Doctor
  • Physiotherapist

These are all only suggestions and general information for you! – Please always consult a doctor before beginning or continuing any exercise program. Yours in Fitness