Must haves at the gym

Motivation, is an absolute crucial component that comes can effect ones success or failure in the gym. Motivation comes and goes so ensuring we grasp that initial motivation while its hot in our mind will lead to habits that become automatic behaviours to then even when we are not motivated will still turn up.

One our our students Hayden identifies “You need to root for your own outcomes, be your own cheerleader”. This perfectly sums up a part of motivation when you start to become influenced by extrinsic practices. It’s about knowing this is your journey and those whom do’t support it will try to persuade you into actions that don’t support your vision, so be strong enough to say know and cheer yourself on.

Motivation can come from absolutely everything, Just make sure that it is not an emotion or another person driving it as they will come and go. You must be driven by your intrinsic desire to make a change. Whatever, your drive make sure its healthy, not only for your body but for your mental health as well.

Some great tips to also help along with your journey and to keep passion alive are: 

  • Clothing Get some new gym clothes to give you that pump to wear something brand new
  • Grab some headphones to get into your zone
  • Download a heart pounding music to push you on those days that need a little extra
  • Pre-pack your gym bag
  • Grab some friends and have an accountability partner
  • Find your local Personal Trainer which ever you find works for you do it

Most importantly just get moving!