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What day should you meal prep on?

Before we get into what day you should be meal prepping lets discuss some of the benefits of meal prepping

  • Can help save money
  • Can ultimately save time
  • Can help with weight control, as you decide the ingredients and portions served
  • Can contribute to an overall more nutritionally balanced diet
  • Can reduce stress as you avoid last minute decisions about what to eat, or rushed preparation

Many people struggle to choose what day is the best to meal prep for the week. Many have different opinions to one another but there has been a proven benefit to one day in particular for most. This day is Sunday, as it can symbolise the end of a week and the beginning of the next. Most people have Sundays off from their jobs and life, leaving plenty of free space and time to cook and prepare their meals for the big week ahead. As Sunday is the day of rest (for most), it is a great opportunity to do some sort of work on yourself and that may be by preparing your weeks meals. Other days may be to busy as it normally involves work, school and training which can be all mentally and physically draining, if one prepares their meals on the Sunday they no longer need to stress about the additional thought of what they are
going to eat that day or what they need to purchase after work or training.

With peace of mind a person can focus on their activities for the week and have their food ready to go. This can be a simple as going to work and chucking your food container in the fridge that you prepared a few days ago so it adds not extra decision making in the morning of what you are going to have for that day, it’s just there. Many athletes all round the world use meal prepping as it allows them to focus on their work throughout the week and get the proper nutrients into their hard-working bodies. By doing all of this on a Sunday the rest of the week is yours to enjoy and train hard, no need for added pressure or last-minute decisions on food that may stuff up your calorie’s intake for the day or week. In summary use Sunday as your meal prep day as it is most commonly the day we all take off, use it to your advantage!

Written by: Kyran Williams