Have you ever thought?

Have you ever thought or questioned whether you would like to commence a career in fitness?

Have you asked yourself is there really opportunities for a career in fitness?
Can I actually get a job?
Am I too old to be changing jobs or starting down a new career path?

Want to know some great news? There are many people in their thirties, forties and fifties changing their jobs and becoming successful fitness professionals. Almost two thirds (62%) of fitness professionals are aged between 22 to 39 years. With the fitness industry growing there is more opportunities to positively effect and impact others lives.

Why waste time in a job that you don’t enjoy?

If you can no longer tell the difference between work and play then you need to start doing something you love. There are casual, part time and full time jobs at health clubs, leisure centres, nursing homes, gyms, government agencies and corporate training centres to name a few. Or you can go into business for yourself, be an outdoor trainer or run your own private studio.

So when you begin to study find out exactly what face to face study means that does not always mean classroom learning or full support where as at AHFF we give 100% support and lecture based classrooms. What are the technology requirements we offer a variety of learning platforms to ensure your Certificate III & IV in Fitness is the best course of study at AHFF.