The Ultimate Personal Training Course

So what is the course?

The course is completed in three phases.

Phase 1: Education – you learn all the fundamental skills you need as a personal trainer. This is done through completing your nationally recognised and Australian qualified Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness.

Covering anatomy, functional movement, nutrition, customer service, exercise science, health screening and working with specific populations.

Phase 2: Exercise Diversification & Practical Training

This phase is centred on engagement that drives the trust and experience that leads to confident Personal Trainers, reading something in a book is completely different to training clients who are NOT simulated or your classmates! Real Clients Real Conditions Real Exposure and knowing how to do both, at the same time well, is crucial but then we top it off with our third phase

Phase 3: Marketing Super Package

For the last 6 months we have been conducting The Social Experiment to see what happens when a business (ours) start using Social Media properly and we have put this into a short 2 week crash course to set you up!

We cover and get you experience in:

  • Generating snap chat interest
  • Setting up and delivering ads on Facebook
  • Website Development
  • And that’s just the beginning

Truth is we made the decision to do this because we want to develop and create Personal Trainers who live and breathe fitness.

The BIGGEST lesson for the three phases: you need to be fully immersed into the fitness industry and YOU need hands on practical training constantly email: to start your career today!