Reality of Life

🙌 R E A L I T Y … O F … L I F E … 🙌

So I was holding my beautiful bubba in my arms tonight & a strong reality hit!

I was thinking of all the:
Yoyo dieting
The punishing 3/4 hour workouts
The calorie counting
The mis use & abuse of food
& how I was never happy & neither was my body… It was shutting down & for what reason to lose that last 5kg in 1 week -Unrealistic‼️

I looked down & thought how if she ever put herself through that for a perceived perfect body – I would be heart broken 💔 because she is absolutely perfect the way she is and numbers or body fat % DOES NOT define you!

Yes- everyone has a goal to reach & I say:
Set them
Achieve them
& Smash them ✍

BUT do it safely & correctly! & If you don’t know hire a professional, get someone else to keep you on track & remember the reality of life