Traditional Cardio vs. Metabolic Resistance Training

Firstly, what is Metabolic Resistance training? Well, for those of you who may be new to this concept Metabolic Resistance training is about strength. It is focused around doing strength exercises which help to accelerate your metabolism, aiding you in losing body fat while building muscle. Most of the MRT (Metabolic resistance training) programs and workouts require; high intensity, full body exercises and repetition.
Metabolic resistance training is classified as “anaerobic” training, meaning that while you’re exercising you’re unable to communicate with others via full sentences and normal conversation, as the exercise is high intensity and therefore leaves you out of breath and unable to hold a normal conversation. Therefore, the word “anaerobic” is used to describe metabolic resistance training as the whole idea of this style of training is, to fit in more exercises but with less time.
Traditional cardio on the other hand, is focused around cardio and the enhancement of one’s endurance. Traditional cardio includes exercises that are, normally done over a longer period of time and aren’t as high intensity. For example, running on the treadmill or the cross trainer, as endurance is used for running over long periods of time.
In comparison to MRT, traditional cardio will help to lose body fat although it doesn’t help to build strength and muscle at the same time. This is due to the fact that, there is no strength or weight training involved in traditional cardio, the exercises are fairly limited, endurance is the main focus not strength or metabolism enhancement and therefore isn’t as high intensity as MRT. Traditional cardio will take a little longer to lose the desired amount of weight and to “get in shape”, as again it is only revolved around endurance and weight loss rather than; weight loss, metabolism enhancement and strength/muscle building.
Depending on the person, their goals and what they want, depends on which program is better for them. Although, if you’re someone who wants to “get in shape” through losing weight and building muscle at the same time, then MRT might be the way to go for you!

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