Top 10 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Eating Clean

  1. Only eating 3 meals per day. Eating at least 6 small meals keeps the metabolism working.
  2. Not allowing themselves to enjoy certain foods. Highly restricting diets lead to a crash in cravings which can lead to over eating.
  3. Following strict and specific diets. These lead to weight gain once you stop following them. Simply eating healthy and whole foods is the greatest way to ensure your eating habits can be easy to follow.

  4. Eating too late at night or at least two hours before bed. This doesn’t allow for proper digestion and also leads to weight gain as you rest straight after eating.
  5. Not getting enough water throughout the day. This leads to dehydration and hunger. Your body can’t tell if its hungry or thirsty but the signal can be mistaken for hunger. Try drinking a glass of water if you feel hungry and only eat if that doesn’t help.
  6. Purchasing products that are “Low fat” and “Sugar Free”. These ingredients are usually substituted for artificial sweeteners like aspartame and preservatives. Enjoy the whole product but in moderation.
  7. Drinking energy and sports drinks when they aren’t exercising.These have a lot of sugar that leads to weight gain if not burned off.
  8. Eating too small of meals which leads to no energy throughout the day or for your workout. It can also lead to overeating at dinner time or before bed.
  9. Adding too many calorie or sugar dense foods to your meals or smoothies. Keep them simple.
  10. Not chewing your food properly. This doesn’t allow for smooth digestion and can lead to bloating.