Kids Fitness & Kids Kickboxing

Ora 24/7 Fitness Kids Fitness and Kickboxing classes are structured and choreographed to increase a child’s fitness, learn a new skill, enjoy fitness & become apart of a group of other like minded kids. It can help kids to increase endurance, stamina, energy levels & reduce stress.

All classes are led by ex-fighter Shane Vuletich and qualified instructor who guides and motivates you every step of the way, helping your heart rate stay elevated. It’s a fun and effective way to love fitness. All instructors have a working with children’s check

Kids Group Fitness is a great way to boost your kids regular training because:

  • Classes are suitable for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced
  • Increase your child’s confidence, social skills and self esteem
  • Allow your children to have an outlet through fitness
  • Increase social belonging through gaining friends & belonging to a community
  • Improve your child’s health & heart health
  • Exercising in groups helps your motivation levels & keeps you accountable

Group Fitness tips and hints:

  • Always bring a drink bottle and towel to the class to keep hydrated, dry and hygienic.
  • If it’s your first class be sure to let your instructor know, so they can make sure you have the best experience possible.
  • It’s always good to try a class more than once as some classes may have steps and routines that take a little getting used to.
  • Try as many classes as possible so you can find out which ones you enjoy the most.