8 Ways To Make Working out a Habit?

  1. Set a time. Depending on the kind of person you are, you are more likely to want to work out either in the morning or the afternoon. If you set a specific time you are more likely to find yourself accountable to exercise at that time. For example if you set an alarm every morning at 6:00am, exercise will become more of a habit if you have a time frame attached to it. Try not to vary from this time or else you will just post pone every workout for the next day and then it will eventually not be a habit anymore.
  2. Set a reminder. An alarm, message or set a reminder on your smart phone. Setting a constant reminder that tells you to workout will start making it a habit. As soon as you receive the reminder do it straight away. Don’t say “I’ll do it after I’ve done this” or else your just putting it off.
  3. Start with smaller workouts. With starting small it gives you room to dream big. Maybe on a specific day you wake up and have so much energy but sooner or later those exercises will make you burnout. By starting small it gives you a chance to build up to the idea of working out. Start with 20mins of working out then later on when you feel comfortable take it up to 30mins, then 40mins. Soon enough you body will get used to all the stress and then you eventually want to get out there. Slowly work your body up to daily exercise and turn it into a habit.
  4. Progress. After slightly adjusting your workout time, you can now slowly start to increase it. After about 2 weeks is when you body  realises what is happening, it starts adjusting with you. The workouts you used to do will eventually seem too easy and thats when you must lift the intensity and time frame of your workouts. A workout that was 20mins and low intensity will slowly turn to 30-45mins with high intensity.
  5. Make it fun. If your habit is associated with hatred, you are more likely not to do it but if your habit is associated with excitement, then obviously you will do it. The more you enjoy working out the more likely you will want to do it. Play some music that you enjoy listening to, preferably some music that lifts your energy. Music that includes a faster beat will help you lift your intensity throughout your
  6. Pre-organise equipment and clothing. Lay out the equipment that you want to use for your workout, put your clothing on the end of your bed ready for the morning or afternoon and set your mind for the day. If you are not prepared and ready for your workout you might just want to get back into bed.
  7. Change up the workouts. By transitioning between different workouts you won’t get bored or feel sick of doing the same things over and over again. Instead of going for a run you could go into your back yard and do a body weight workout. The possibilities are endless so start switching it up.
  8. Make sure to rest. Recovery is a very important part of working out. When someone says you need to take a rest day it doesn’t mean lying in bed or on the couch all day it just means going for a small walk, or doing a workout that doesn’t include the muscles you used the previous days before. Relax but not too much.

Written by Holly Briggs