Working Out for Busy Professionals

A Workout Is Only 2% Of Your Day!

As a full time worker you have probably made the excuse of having no time to exercise, and this i find wrong. Everybody should make time for exercise but why is it important? Well for the average full-time worker you do not do much physical work and spend many hours of your day sitting in a chair. This causes muscle to become weak and lose mass this makes it easier to gain fat as muscle mass improves metabolism.
Exercise isn’t just to get you body looking good, it helps your brain function. working out increases your cardiovascular and respiratory system which increase blood flow and oxygen intake making the brain more productive. Also exercise encourages the release of chemicals in the brain, theses chemicals are responsible for improving memory and learning causing a boost in concentration levels and cognitive levels.

Work out efficiently- Every one can find a Spare 30 minutes in there day. So when you find your free time don’t waste it train as hard as you can for the 30 minutes Don’t need fancy equipment You don’t need to buy a gym membership to get fit. All you need is a open area with a bit of space to move. you can challenge all the muscles of your body with just body weight exercises

Commit to it!- Don’t make excuses for yourself anymore, your health is the most important aspect of your life. If you are healthy then your wellbeing improves and you are more productive Anywhere anytime Instead of driving to work you could walk, bike ride, take a train or a bus and walk the rest of the way there. Using this little tip will see a vast improvement in your fitness if you haven’t done any training.