20 Week Challenge: Invest in YOUR Health

The 20 Week Challenge is designed specifically for individuals & couples who are time poor and prefer a group environment instead of one on one Personal Training. Focusing on: weight loss, nutrition, individualised designed weights programs, support and improving the lives of every person that joins the camp.

Inclusive of:
• Complete 24/7 gym and class access
• 3×1 hour sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am
• Personalised Weights Program
• Personalised nutritional plan for 20 weeks
• Online support and information
• Weigh in and skin fold graphing

Registration starts now as our next program. You can join in at any stage and begin your program with our qualified Personal Trainers to help you achieve your goals. If you know somebody or your partner, daughter, son, aunty, uncle or friend needs to lose weight train together and achieve together! Places are limited and the opportunity to invest in YOUR HEALTH and to take action NOW is here. This is your TIME, YOUR BODY and YOUR LIFE.
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