24/7 Gym & Boxing Studio

Ora Sports Fitness gym is huge and equipped with a wide variety of high quality weight machines, free weights, and cardio equipment. The gym has fully accessible showers and towiest with a 24/7 hour security system. The gym caters for all body types, genders, fitness levels and ages!! Additionally our studio is complete with bags, matted floors for martial arts drills and grappling. The gym is air-conditioned, immaculately kept open 24/7 to members as well as a bag drop area. Shop items and a vending machine are available!

Qualification in Certificate III & IV in Fitness

We have day and night classes, Australian wide recognition, quality assurance in education, experienced trainers & assessors, state of the art equipment, practical teaching assessments, work experience, opportunities for career change and competitive rates! Take charge of your life. If you a tired of the same boring job don’t want to work in a standard 9-5 job then enrol today. Change people’s lives and help them Invest in your passion. Invest in Your Health!

Ora Kickboxing for Fitness

Looking for a way to lose weight, tone, punch out some aggression or enjoy group classes kickboxing for fitness is the perfect program for you. Classes are arranged for all fitness and skill levels, with each class becoming more challenging. Learn the basic skills, get into some great cardio, and improve your confidence!

FIFO Workers

Are you a FIFO Worker who wants to join a gym but none offer flexible contracts or can work around you? Then look no further. Ora Sports Fitness offers a FIFO contract that works around you and your work timetable!

Personal Training

Personal Training a great way to achieve your goals in fast! Your training with Malcolm will be fun, exhilarating, intense but REWARDING. Based around three key areas of commitment, dedication and accountability. Your training needs to be individualised and tailored to suit you! That is why our Trainers are the best tool to get you in shape. There is no more excuses of not being motivated or not being Inspired. You will learn some real martial arts techniques, how to train properly, be guided on your nutrition by an individual with years of experience. PERSONAL TRAINING is the way to go! Our experienced, friendly trainers are waiting for you! (Just check out some of our testimonials!!) PLUS, just to get you started, we are offering a FREE fitness assessment and body composition testing! ABSOLUTELY FREE! That’s a chance to cash in on a FREE personal assessment session worth $50! And there’s MORE! We are now also offering a FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION worth $80! That’s a total of $130 value for FREE! And there is no obligation to join after your session – you are welcome to come in just to find out where your fitness is at!

Kid’s classes

Need something for your kids to get involved in? Are your kids victims (or perpetrators) of bullying, requiring improved confidence in school, or could they benefit from an activity to release all that pent-up energy? Our kid’s Thai boxing classes teaches skills in discipline, respect, appropriate confidence, and teamwork. With a heart especially for kids, an anti-bullying vision, we have had some amazing feedback from parents as a result of these classes. Classes are Monday and Wednesday at 4pm