Welcome to Ora Sports Fitness, Your local 24/7 Gym in Belmont.

Ora Sports Fitness is not like any regular gym. Yes, it offers services in Personal Training, provides a 24/7 gym located in belmont, complete with weights, offers classes in Muay Thai kickboxing, Mums and Bubs Classes, Power Performance (Boot-camp) and Kickboxing for Fitness for every shape and gender but it’s the atmosphere and instructors that are the defining difference.
Ora looks at a person in a holistic way, we combine the physical aspect with the emotional and intellectual parts to a person. Through support, passion, care and enthusiasm we share in our clients successes, we pick them up during their failures, we strive to build confidence, empower those who are bullied and train champions.

Our Key Services

Personal Training

No Results? Not motivated? having trouble getting up and getting active? well come down to ora and sign up for your first personal training session free. get trainedfrom one of our trained and qualified personal trainers, they will push you toyour limits and make you work hard. If you enjoy your free personal trainingsession then you can book more sessions and have a whole workout builtaround your needs and wants.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Kick boxing for everyone! Action Packed workout! GET FIT & FEEL GREAT! Whether your plan is to loose weight, meet new people, get fit or even compete, we will help you do this in the most exciting ways! You’ll see your improvement in mind, body and spirit in only a few short sessions! Focusing on details such as striking techniques, combinations and defenses all while getting into great shape, improving your confidence and increasing your coordination and strength!

Group Fitness Classes

Are you up for a challenge? Looking for a way to be stronger, fitter and better you’ve ever been before. If so come and join us at Ora fitness. Here we make sure that by the end of the day you are a better you and even better from yesterday. We will push you beyond your limits that you thought you weren’t possible before and achieve your fitness goals. Bootcamp, Mums and Bubs, HIIT and more, we have a class fot you!