Mumz & Bubz Classes

Our facilities are designed to produce a safe & functional working environment for all mothers & fathers of little ones to get a workout in during their busy lives. No matter your fitness levels or how spirited your baby might be we can help regain your sanity, strength and stamina to help you in your daily life. Monday & Wednesday from 9 -9:45am.

Group Fitness is a great way to boost your regular training because:

  • Classes are suitable for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced
  • Classes are fun, safe & functional for both babies & mums
  • Group exercise is a great way to meet other mums
  • Exercising in groups can help you boost your immune system, energy levels & bond between mum/dad & bub

Class rules:

  • Always bring a drink bottle and towel to the class to keep hydrated, dry and hygienic
  • Baby bottles, nappies if needed for your little one
  • If it’s your first class be sure to let your instructor know, so they can make sure you have the best experience possible.
  • Ensure you do not bring prams into the class or gym as they are a danger to the children
  • No shoes or food on the mats
  • Always attend to your child during the class
  • No children on the gym floor at any time
  • Do not bring pens or crayons as the mats get drawn on
  • Be sure to have fun and engage with your child during the session